Be one of the first to feel the incredible sensation of flight with the newest edition to the foil riding craze that is sweeping the water sports world.  The Lift E-foil is a battery powered hydrofoil controlled by a handheld WiFi remote that gives you the flying experience of a hydrofoil without the need of a kite or boat.  It's simplicity and ease of use is something for everyone to enjoy! If you would like to be one of the first to experience this new exhilarating sport 


Efoiling is the easiest way to learn how to foil board. Beginner lessons, the first 30 minutes of each lesson is done on the beach, covering board design and dynamics, wave dynamics, ocean safety, surfing safety, surf etiquette, pop-up technique and form. The remainder of your time is spent in the water foiling with your instructor.


 JWe will provide you with all the necessary safety and lesson equipment.  This includes wetsuit, life jacket, and booties.  We also incorporate our BbTalkin two way intercom helmets.  This allows you and your instructor to communicate with one another while on the water.  No yelling or having to wait for feedback after a run.  Your instructor will talk you through the proper steps to get you up and foiling as you are riding the board.  Utilizing the BbTalkins drastically increases your learning and riding time with real time instruction.


For all first time students we will follow the same format in terms of safety training on the land before entering the water.  This 30 minute land lesson will go over board introduction, safe handling and operation,  and proper technique. We will review our riding area and setup the best lesson plan for each student to ensure a safe, fun, and successful first flight! 


Once in the water students will start all rides laying on their stomach riding at a slow controlled speed. They must demonstrate control and safe handling in order to progress to the next level. The progression then follows to riding on both knees, a single knee or kneeling position, standing (with board on the water), touch and go foil lift offs, and full foil. At each level the student must demonstrate safe handling and control in order to progress to the following step.  Your instructor will work with you to ensure a safe and quick progression. 


At the end of your lesson you'll be sharing shakas and smiles with your instructor and everyone on the beach! You were one of the first people to experience flying over the water on an E-foil! Your instructor will review what you learned for the day and share photos and videos of your progression. You'll be telling your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, even your pets about how amazing it was to fly!