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Please note, we only offer camp Monday thru Friday at our Westminster location.

Fun, safe, and educational surfing programs for all ages.  Our camps run

June-September (Monday - Friday). 

We offer by-the-hour, by-the-day, or by-the-week options.

Our camp is unlike any other in the world. While most other camps are half or full day, large groups of kids only, and are on a strict time table. We provide many flexible ways to customize the camp you wish to attend. We offer a relaxed environment for kids and adults with a variety of personalized  options for each camper. Your camp will be supervised by a professional surf instructors 100% of the time.  We let you pick your desired time, camp lenght, camp size and the activities you wish to participate in.


Surf Camp /Please check in 5 minutes before your camp start time. At check in to camp you will be required to sign a liability waiver. Then you will learn how to properly apply sun screen, how to properly don a wet suit, and then have 5 minute warm up. Once camp starts you will learn about ocean ecology, surf history, board design and dynamics, wave dynamics, ocean safety and survival, surfing safety, surf etiquette, pop-up technique and form, then you will be with the instructor of your choice learning about which ever camp activities you choose.

Customize your camp from the list below: 

1-2 hours:  pick one activity

Half day:    pick two activities
Full day:     pick four activities

You can pick the same activity multiple times or up to 4 different activities a day. Each camp instructors has a unique  activity speciality, depending the activity you chose, this will determine the instructor assigned to you. 


Activities: Surfing, paddle boarding, boogie-boarding, swimming, body-surfing, running, sand sculpture,  Frisbee, Nerf touch-football, beach volleyball, dodge-ball and beach soccer, fire dancing, juggling, skateboarding, surf board repair, beach fitness, Venice beach tour/ Dog Town history.

No one is forced to participate in any activity, though we encourage all of our students to participate in all ocean activities but it is not mandatory.Tell your camp instructor which activities you wish to participate in.  We also have break times to dry off, re-hydrate. reapply sunscreen, take pictures, and relax or play. Our #1 mission is to get you surfing! Please bring food and drinks if you plan on having refreshments at the camp. After your camp there will be a 5 minute cool down and then check out, where you will be given a camp souvenir and a satisfaction questionnaire.  You will be supervised by your camp instructor the entire time you are at camp. We offer extended care also. You may book hour by hour on the service menu. For more details about our camp or to book half day, full day or week camp please call or email us. 

On a deeper and more personal level you will also learn about:

Being healthy, a positive role model, coaching, respect for our ocean and caring for our planet, improving responsible communication methods and social skills, building new meaningful friendships, resiliency, personal freedom,independence, building self-esteem, learning about a variety of cultures and beliefs, and creative problem solving. 



We want to everyone to experience the thrill of surfing, so we offer discounts and scholarships for low-income families.  In order to qualify, a single parent must document their income of $30,000 or a couple must document an income of $60,000 or less.  Proof of income can be provided with previous year’s tax return.  We are flexible with payment plans and we offer discounted prices based on income. Your kids' eagerness to participate is the most important thing for us.

Camp Price is per person 

           1Hr    1.5 Hrs   2 Hrs  1/2 day    Full day   Week

1 person     $90         $110             $130             $500              $900               $4400

2 person     $80         $90             $110             $450               $850               $415   

3 person     $70         $80             $100            $425                $850               $4000

4 person     $65         $75              $90              $400               $800              $3900

5 person+   $65         $75              $85              $380                $775               $3500

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